hair loss

Common Reasons for Hair Loss in Women and Men

Everyone experience the problem of hair fall on a daily basis. On average, every person loses 50 to 100 strands on hair every day which is normal. But if you experiencing hair fall problem in excess than you have to get hair loss treatment. We have mentioned some common reasons for hair loss. Poor diet […]

Reasons why visiting hair loss specialist is important

Hair Loss can occur because of different factors. Sometimes the problem is either sudden or you may notice excess shedding of hair, in that case, you should visit a hair loss specialist. No doubt, some people might feel uncomfortable in the first place. But during the consultation, you will get to know the reason behind […]

Tips for Hair Growth

Hair is a very essential part of both men and women. Some might be very lucky they have long and voluminous hair. But for some, it needs a lot of patience and proper hair care routine so that hair looks healthy and proper. Additionally, some people experience the problem of hair loss because of different […]

LUPUS and Hair Loss Relationship

Lupus is the acronym for Systemic lupus erythematosus. It refers to the condition in which there is chronic inflammation of the joints, skin and other organs. It may also influence other parts of the body. Lupus is genetic in nature. It is found to occur mainly in females. Lupus produces varied symptoms like muscular pain, […]

Tips To Cope Up With Hair Loss Along Side Weight Loss

Hair loss is a health condition which can cause due to many factors such as hormonal changes, genetic factors, poor nutrition, and medications. Majority of people encounter this problem due to overstyling. This condition is common in young people because they encounter hormonal changes more than others. Hair fall usually appears in various ways, but […]

Ideal Age to Get Hair Transplant Surgery?

Many patients in the age group of 18 – 23 years visit hair specialists for getting a hair transplant done. The doctors do not agree for people as young as 18 or 23 years old’s to get hair transplant surgery done. Doctors say that since we cannot predict about the future, how can doctors predict […]

Is Balding Caused By Daily Hair Fall?

Hair loss is considered to be mostly associated with men. But, the truth is that every one of us sheds hair. All of us shed around 100 hairs per day. This is a part of the normal hair growth cycle. But, when hair loss seems to be in extreme form then it is quite a […]

Understanding The Relation Between Thyroid Disease And Hair Loss

Thyroid happens in two situations first is when thyroid glands don’t produce enough hormones and second is when they produce the hormones in excess. An underactive thyroid causes weight gain. Many people do not have the symptoms of underactive thyroid until a long time. While the overactive thyroid causes weight gain or nervousness in the […]

Relationship between Smoking Marijuana and hair loss

The incidental utilization of marijuana may not cause long-run impacts. However, excessive use can lead to hormonal changes, a slowdown in hair follicle cell generation, and an increase in feelings of anxiety. Additionally, all these factors lead to hair loss. In this content, we will tell about the ill effects of marijuana on health. Marijuana: […]

Tips To Prevent Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness takes place due to many reasons, like hereditary and hormonal imbalances. As time passes by, the hair follicles begin to reduce in size and after some time the production of new hair stops completely. There are many steps which is done regularly will work as hair loss treatment and help in regrowing […]