The right post-Operative Hair Transplant Protocol

Hair Transplantation is a complicated surgery, though it may look simple to several patients. Following the right Postoperative protocol averts any complications after a hair transplant surgery that may at times lead to death. So, take caution after the procedure;

> Take note of the surgeon’s instructions
Postoperative instructions are normally given differently depending on the patient’s situation. Do not try to devise your own post surgery instructions

> Smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages
These two are never recommended after a hair transplant surgery since the smoke can occupy affect proper oxygen supply whereas the alcohol may increase bleeding

> Medications after a hair transplant surgery
Antibiotics- Antibiotics must be taken as prescribed to a patient to avoid any infections.
Pain Relievers or Killers– Pain relievers are normally prescribed to alleviate pain that may occur after the surgery.

  • These contain narcotic-analgesic a strong substance and with so, the medicines should be taken in proper intervals.
  • Avoid taking alcohol during the first 3 weeks of a hair transplant since it can lead to drowsiness
  • Do not drive immediately after the procedure since you may fall into a coma
    Always ask for help in case of drowsiness

Prednisone– This drug prevents swelling and must be taken as instructed

Vitamins and other drugs– Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and Vitamins must not be taken for 4 days after the surgery as they may increase bleeding

  • Use Ice Packs to prevent swelling
    The right way of using ice packs is as follows
    Never apply the ice packs directly onto the recipient area, but rather place the ice pack on the forehead for 10 to 15 minutes
    Apply a gauze pad on the donor area and then apply the ice pack
  • Exercises and bending over
    Any physical exercises that may revolve around running, football, cycling, gyming, bending over, and any other athletics must be postponed until after a month to be safe
  • Sleeping
    Use multiple pillows to keep your upper body and scalp elevated. Do this for 4 to 5 days to prevent bleeding and swelling
  • In case of Bleeding
    Applying light pressure will stop bleeding and one must expect minor bleeding after a hair transplant surgery
  • Handling the scalp
    > Do not touch the scalp frequently and in case you are to, wash your hands thoroughly
    >During the first days, pour clean water gently into the scalp
    >Do not use shampoo until the 3rd day

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