• You must wear loose clothes when going for surgery specially the clothes coming from head must be avoided
  • You must clearly discuss your medical history with the doctor before the surgery so that any contradictions from the medications can be avoided.
  • You must avoid the blood thinning medicines at least 7 days before surgery and even if you are taking medicines like minioxidil and Finasteride then also you should stop before the surgery
  • It is important to take 3 days regular shampoo just before the surgery even in case you have dandruff problem. But before surgery oiling and gel must be avoided
  • Cover your hair while coming for surgery to avoid dust and even after surgery patients are recommended to cover their head for at least 10 days to prevent sun exposure and pollution
  • You must avoid alcohol and smoking before and after 7-0 days of surgery
  • You must take balanced and nutritious diet before surgery that could boost healing process of your body. Junk food must be avoided
  • Patients are recommended not to bring or wear valuable things like gold while coming for surgery
  • In case you have hair graying problem then it is good to color them before surgery
  • Some blood tests as per recommendation of you surgeon must be taken before the surgery and report should be discussed before surgery for preventive measure
  • It is important to take sound sleep of 7-8 hours before the surgery
  • Stop taking protein shakes and supplements one week before the surgery
  • If you are going for body hair transplant then 4 days prior to the surgery you must shave your body
  • Long hair patients are recommended to have trimming of hair with zero number machine
  • If you are patient of blood pressure then you must discuss it with your doctor and should continue your medicines and even diabetics are advised for the same
  • Feel relax and listen music during surgery to avoid nervousness
  • Consent form must be read and signed carefully before surgery

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