General instructions before planning hair transplant

Hair transplant is most reliable and permanent solution for used for baldness correction but this procedure needs to be done with extensive care so that patient could have desired and safe results after surgery.

To serve the same purpose, we provide some special instructions to patients before the surgery so that benefits of the procedure can be enhanced and to keep the safety of patient.

Following are some general intstructions that a patient needs to keep in mind while getting hair restoration surgery

  • Patient must choose the center and surgeon for surgery carefully as only the experienced and qualified surgeons can perform non invasive procedures with outstanding outcomes so make sure that you have collected all the details about clinic and surgeon before getting surgery and you have the correct knowledge about the location of your selected clinic so that you could reach there without any difficulty
  • Patient can be asked for some blood tests before the surgery for preventive measures and reports of these tests must be discussed with the surgeon before surgery.
  • Before the surgery patient should sign consent form carefully after going through it at least once.
  • If your clinic is far from your place then make sure you have proper arrangements for accommodation for the day before surgery and after surgery
  • You must be aware about the estimation of cost for Hair transplant before the surgery and must ask for the payment mode and instructions like norms for advance payment and how and to whom the payment must be deposited
  • If you have to do some changes in your appointment then you must request for these changes one week prior so that accordingly your next appointment can be scheduled
  • You must reach to center 2-3 hours before the surgery so that you could relax your mind for some time and even clear your doubts about surgery if you are having any. If your place is at 7-8 hours distance from your center then you are advised to reach one night before surgery.
  • You must be aware about the complete details of the procedure you are getting and even you should ask for the number of grafts and estimated outcomes of the surgery. Even patient must be prepared for potential risks associated with the surgery if there is any.
  • Patient must have the proper arrangements to get back home after surgery as due to local anesthesia it may possible that patient could not drive for some time so you must visit the center with your family member of friend so that you can reach home safely after surgery.
  • Patients are recommended to follow the pre surgical instructions given by the surgeon before surgery like to have proper nutritious diet, stop smoking and alcohol consumption, about selection of clothes for surgery, doing some relaxation activities before surgery and about some other preventive measures.

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