Male Breast Enlargement & What Contemporary Men Must Know

The issue of enlarged breasts in males is no more a joking matter as millions are currently battling the condition. Male breast enlargement or what is scientifically termed as Gynecomastia is currently registered in all age brackets i.e. from infants to male adults.

More than 45% of males in India have gynecomastia, something that dictates their beauty standards. Since there is an urge to look good with certainly a proportionate physique, more and more men are turning to male breast reduction.

What Does Gynecomastia In Males Mean?

Gynecomastia is described as the enlargement of male breasts to the extent of looking like female breasts. Generally, an increment in the male breasts occurs once the glandular tissue develops more than it should, i.e. greater than 0.5 cm in diameter.

On the other hand, men can also develop pseudogynecomastia ‘lipomastia’, a condition where there is an excess fat deposit in the breasts. This commonly occurs in obese men and it is treated in several ways.

Why You Have Gynecomastia Or Its Risk Factors

Although hormonal imbalances have been pinpointed as the actual cause of gynecomastia, different studies have associated male breast enlargement with various factors.

Hormonal Imbalances As A Major Factor

Males also produce a female sex hormone known as estrogen, but it is produced at lower levels. Therefore, in case it’s hormone level increases past the androgen level ‘testosterone’, a man can develop enlarged breasts.


Increased fat in the breast region in men can also lead to pseudogynecomastia. In the real sense, it is this excess fat that disrupts the way your body produces its hormones. In the long run, you will end up with gynecomastia generally because your leptin levels increase when obese

Use of Steroids

Anabolic steroids are a synthetic version of testosterone, but the use of any steroid drug has bigger impacts that what many men know. The same also applies to testosterone replacement therapy conducted to improve one’s muscle mass, sex life, and so on.

Oils & Certain Cosmetic Products

A recently conducted study indicated how certain oils can lead to male breast enlargement. These include Lavender and tea tree oil, which are believed to have estrogen-like properties.

Medications & Diseases

Certain medications can lead to male breast development and these include spironolactone, highly active anti-retroviral therapy, finasteride, diazepam, digitoxin, among others. Diseases that can trigger gynecomastia include Liver or Kidney Disease, underlying tumors, and hyperthyroidism.

How is Gynecomastia Clinically Diagnosed in India?

During a consultation, the surgeon will measure the extent of your glandular tissue, which is located around the nipple. A physical examination is absolutely required to rule out the presence of fat or true gynecomastia.

The surgeon may recommend a mammogram in case he suspects cancer and blood tests may also be performed. A discussion regarding your lifestyle, drugs or medications used, family and personal medical history is also necessary.

Gynecomastia Treatment Clinically- Surgery

True gynecomastia is currently treated with surgical intervention, which involves extracting the glandular tissue. The procedure requires artistic skills to render it successful.

Generally, a gynecomastia surgery in Jalandhar won’t require much preparation, but you will be requested to;

  • Discontinue any medications and drugs for a week or two
  • Buy a surgical bra, loose clothes, eat nothing before your procedure and so on.
  • Get a helper to drive you back home after the surgery
  • Stop smoking

How The Gynecomastia Surgery Is Clinically Performed

The surgery is performed under anesthesia and it is commonly an outpatient surgery. The surgeon will, first of all, demarcate the chest and then make incisions in the intended regions.

Through these incisions, he will use a specialized instrument to reach out to the glandular tissue and then remove it. He will then close the incisions and apply bandages plus a surgical bra.

How Much Will A Gynecomastia Surgery Impact Your Pockets?

Generally, the gynecomastia surgery cost in India is highly determined by the city where one decides to have the surgery conducted. Your gynecomastia surgery cost in Punjab is expected to be lower and much more cost-effective than in Delhi, Bangalore, or Chennai.

However, other aspects such as the medications, the cosmetic center, whether both breasts must be treated or otherwise also matter.

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