When can I Consider a Hair Transplant in the Future?

Following a common pattern of bumping into hair transplant centres to cover patches or stop hair loss is basically the prime cause of regrets among hair loss victims. Hair transplant surgeons and specialists at our centre evaluate various patient conditions before conducting a hair transplant surgery. These are effectively taken into consideration;

  • The age of the patient- You must be at least 24 years old or above
  • You generally must be healthy
  • A patient must have a stable donor region
  • You must have tried any non-surgical hair restoration procedure before
  • You must have realistic expectations or have genuine reasons as to why you opt for a hair transplant surgery
  • Your hair loss must have stabilized
  • A patient must be in a position to follow the approved post-operative measures

Patient’s Concerns

  • As a patient, you must understand or be aware that hair transplantation is a surgical procedure involved with several risks and side effects. In order to have a safe surgery, an experienced surgeon and a renowned centre must be considered.
  • View the previous patients’ profiles or photos and if possible, contact some of the them
  • Engage in a professional discussion with the surgeon about your hair transplant requirements before any hair transplant in Haryana
  • Discuss your hair transplant cost before you finally settle down for it

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