Single or Multiple Session Hair Transplant- Advantages & Disadvantages

For greater efficacy, hair transplant experts have devised various approaches to hair transplantation among which we have “Single” and “Multiple” hair transplant approaches

Single & Multi-Session Hair Transplant Approaches

The only difference between these two approaches is that with the single hair transplant session, the surgeon will complete the entire hair transplant procedure in a single day, whereas, with the multiple hair transplant session, the surgeon will complete the hair transplant procedure in more than one sessions/days

How alopecia occurs

As it is described as an autoimmune disorder, the white blood cells in the body are triggered to turn against themselves. With this, they will attack the cells in the scalp which will open a road to inflammation. Persistent damage and inflammation will create patches on the scalp and further affect the eyebrows, beards, and the mustache.

Single Session Hair Transplant

Low CostHaste which leads to unnatural results
Requires less timeMore pressure is exerted on the surgeon & his team in case of extreme baldness
One-day procedureA poor density
Botched surgery in case of inexperience
A second hair transplant surgery may be required in the future
Higher chances of trauma
Requires an extremely experienced team for aesthetic results

Multiple Session Hair Transplant

Creates more time for correcting extreme baldnessRequire more experience of the surgeon and the team
ConvenientGraft wastage
Better densityBlood flow due to an increased density in the recipient region
Smaller areas are coveredEarlier sessions couple produce better results than the last ones
Chances of overharvesting are higher
Trauma & Discomfort
Detectable results

Consider having an extensive scalp evaluation before a single session or multi-session hair transplant in Jammu & Kashmir. Attaining the surgery from an advanced hair transplant centre like NRI with experienced an experienced team sets a major difference.

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