Beard and moustache look for males is getting common these days as males like to have different styles of moustache and beard and even they consider it as the symbol of their status and manhood so loss of hair on these regions can be direct hit on their manhood feeling and can create room for embarrassment for them.

But if you are worried due to patchy spots of less hair on your moustache area and even want to reshape it with more density then moustache hair transplant is the perfect solution for you.


It is the form of facial hair transplant that helps to get back hair on face in desired shape and density where growth of hair is thin or missing. In this transplant, our Moustache Hair transplant Specialist Dr. Mohan use to fill the moustache area with hair follicles that grow with natural speed and look after sometime.  This surgical method not only help males to get rid from the embarrassment due to less hair on moustache area but also restore their confidence and desired shape of moustache in natural look so that they can flaunt with manhood feeling.

Moustache hair transplant procedure in Jalandhar, Punjab

This procedure has been done with the advanced FUE procedure in which individual grafts are extracted and transplanted in the required area. For Moustache restoration nearly 350-500 grafts are required so surgery is planned accordingly.

This surgery has been done under the local anesthesia to ensure painless and comfortable procedure for patient. Then according to the exact match, loss resistant hair follicles are selected and extracted from the back side of scalp according to the requirement of patient.

After that extracted grafts are implanted in the moustache region in predetermined and pre designed shape in a correct direction and accurate angle so that patient can have natural look of his moustache after surgery. This surgery can have duration of 2-5 hours according to grafts transplanted in the moustache area.


This surgery is painless and safe so patient can get back to home on same day. Patient can experience some redness and soreness in the treated area but it remains only for 2-3 days. Apart from this, patient can notice tiny crust in the moustache region but these crusts get dry in 4-5 days. After that growth of moustache hair start gradually and after complete growth you can shave or style your moustache without any problem.

Risks and results

Moustache hair transplant surgery in India is the safe procedure that can help the males to get rid from the embarrassment they feel due to uneven facial hair growth and to have desired style and shape of moustache. There are not as such risks associated with this surgical method but some time benefactor site recuperates as 2mm or smaller cut but it is concealable with the hair.

Patient can resume his activities and normal life without any difficulty however some instructions asked to be followed only for 5-6 days for preventive measures otherwise patient can have natural growth of moustache hair after few months and these hair can be styled, trimmed or shaved as per desire of patient.

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