Focus Hair Transplant’s Guide – Don’t Make 7 Mistakes After the Hair Transplant

Focus Hair Transplant’s Guide – Don’t Make 7 Mistakes After the Hair Transplant

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At Focus Hair transplant, we are very happy to offer our patients the supreme quality hair restoration procedures like Hair transplant in Punjab with the best facilities. We can happily claim that since today, none of our patients has gone away dissatisfied from the procedure and the other aspects like hair transplant cost, the type of equipment to be used and qualifications of the doctors.

The doctors at our clinic have never let the patient alone deal with the entire procedure. And a result of that is this attempt of writing a blog which includes all those things which are to be avoided after the hair transplantation procedure since 50% of the success of the procedure is dependent on the recovery period:

Say ‘No!’ To These Things After the Hair Transplantation

  • Driving

Based on the medical condition of the patient, it is decided which kind of anaesthesia is to be given. In case, strong sedation is used to make the patient feel numb, then it is not at all conducive for the patient to drive after the procedure. It has to be avoided.

  • Sleeping Without A Pillow

I know, when it comes to our sleeping habits, we all want to sleep the way we find comfortable. But sometimes, for our well-being, we have to accept the positive change. Sleeping flat or without a pillow can contribute to making the procedure fail since it slows down the supply of blood to the scalp. And the transplanted hair can not show the desired results until the follicles are not getting the nourishing elixir.

  • Consume The Medications As Prescribed

We have seen so many cases, in which the patients don’t follow the labels of the prescriptions and intake the same as they found to be conducive. But it is not a good thing.

  • Losing faith in RICE

We all have been taught the famous RICE technique in our childhood which says – Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. In case you experience any swelling or pain, then you have to apply ice on that particular area for about 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Using The Hair Scrub Or The Shower

Until the doctor suggests, you are not allowed to use the hair scrub and the shower. If you will do things without the prescription and suggestion of the doctors, trust me you are not going to achieve success in the process.

  • Hair Dyeing

Usually, the doctor suggests the patients dye their hair after 3 months. Since you do not get natural hair until the 8th month, there is no point in dyeing the hair that is soon going to shed off.

  • Forgetting To Drink Water

We all do know the importance of water for our lives, but little do we know about the importance of the same for nourishing the hair and the scalp.

Final Comments!

We always wish for the well-being of our patients and thus we keep on attempting to make them facilitate with the required information. If you do appreciate our attempts, then please let us know via email.

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