Focus Hair Transplant’s Guide – Hair transplantation V/s Hair wigs

Focus Hair Transplant’s Guide – Hair transplantation V/s Hair wigs

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Focus Hair Transplantation Centre – The best cosmetic surgeries providers. This clinic is particularly known for accomplishing the maximum number of hair transplants in Punjab. Apart from that, people find one feature of this clinic as most gladening which is the less hair transplant cost.

In today’s blog, we are going to discuss all the new aspects concerning the hair transplantation procedure.

The need to take up the hair transplantation

People usually face hair loss and hair thinning like issues which are suffered if any of the following goes wrong:

  • Lifestyle
  • Food habits
  • Genetics
  • Overall Health

If people suffer from massive hair loss, then baldness is quite natural to encounter.

Sometimes it is easy for people to cope with baldness issues with the help of medications and certain precautionary measures. But there are other times as well in which the hair loss progresses to extreme levels and it is not possible for the medicines as well to stop this.

But obviously, we cannot live with hair loss and a bald head. Then people go for the following solutions:

  • Wearing a hair wig
  • Hair transplantation

Let us know both of this solution briefly:

Hair Patching – Immediate Solution For Hair Loss Covering

There are so many types of hair wigs that do not let the patient suffer from any kind of hassle and pain and can also provide them with full-fledged scalp covering.

How is this used?

This process requires your scalp to be shaved since the bio-adhesive glue will be pasted there for making a wig properly stationed over there.

Pros and Cons of hair wigs


  • Hassle-Free Process
  • Cost-Effective Solution
  • Can provide the instant results


  • Each time you want to cover your baldness you will have to visit the hairstylist.
  • The natural hair follicles which are still there will suffer from some kind of permanent damage.
  • You cannot have a feel of the natural hairline.
  • With these, you can neither swim nor go out on a vehicle at a high speed as your wig will fall off

Hair Transplantation

If we compare hair transplantation with the hair patching procedure, then it is far better as it does not require you to live a double life. It is the procedure that stimulates your scalp for natural results. The hair follicles from one region (donor region) will be extracted and then transplanted into the area which is lacking the hair follicles. The only disadvantage of the procedure is that the hair loss patient has to wait for a good 8 months to acquire the results of the procedure.

But it is far better than the hair wigs as it is a permanent procedure that does not tamper with the growth and quality of the existing hair follicles as well.

Final Comments!

If you have found this blog quite informative, then please let us know. We shall be very happy to receive your feedback.

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