How is Mesotherapy performed at Focus Hair Transplant?

How is Mesotherapy performed at Focus Hair Transplant?

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Mesotherapy technique which is one of the most effective non-invasive techniques takes the superficial microinjections into account. At Focus Hair Transplant, we make sure that the treatment is virtually painless. Apart from that, you need not worry a bit about safety.

Did you know?

The entire credit for making people believe in the success of the Hair Transplant in Punjab goes to Dr Mohan Singh, who is a well-reputed dermatologist. He knows the importance of aesthetics and has transformed each of the cosmetic procedures into the latest version.

But that does not mean he has escalated the cost of the procedures as well. The procedures are economical. When talking about hair transplant costs, then we always surprise the people since they have never expected the cost to be so pocket-friendly.

As you might have guessed from the overview itself, that our today’s blog is going to be about mesotherapy:

Simple and early recovery-oriented procedure

This non-invasive and virtually painless procedure does not require the patient to get sedated with local anaesthesia and no dressing is required to be done at the end of the procedure. There are no rigid and strict guidelines for rest. If you want, then you can continue the work from the very next day.

How does it work?

In the mesotherapy technique, the right materials can be placed at the exact place, where they are needed to make sure:

  • The hair follicles can not only grow but can survive
  • Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) production can be neutralized
  • The circulation of the blood is getting stimulated

This technique makes use of both kinds of stimulation – Chemical and Physical. Different kinds of medications are injected in the various areas based on the particular condition which is to be treated. These can think of some kind of medicinal bullets that are delivered to the target of the body.


In this kind of stimulation, the micro-perforations induces the healing processes. The collagen and the elastin will be produced by responding to the post-traumatic condition. The production of both collagen and elastin is important as these are the two most important building blocks of the skin. Since the damage to the collagen can not be eliminated. So it is only the formation of the new collagen that adds to the existing levels.


With the injection of the active ingredients, the organism will get stimulated. For instance:

In case the circulation comes out to be poor, then a vasodilator will be used

In case of the presence of excessive inflammation, anti-inflammatory medication is used.

How can mesotherapy be useful in hair loss?

The mesotherapy can come out extensively useful for hair loss as it can:

  • Help in the improvement of the blood circulation
  • Make the inflammation get reduced
  • Neutralize excessive DHT
  • Stimulate the Collagen
  • Make the size of the follicle to get increased

Bottom Line

If you are interested in opening up for mesotherapy for hair loss, then please contact us at the earliest to check your eligibility. Our professionals never guide the patients with wrong advice.

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