Why Increasing Hair Density Is important for everyone?

Why Increasing Hair Density Is important for everyone?

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Hair density means the total number of hair strands the person have. But, in some cases, the hair density is very low. For this, you can get the problem treated naturally and with hair transplantation. In this guide, we will tell you about the importance of having good hair density.

What is hair density?

Hair density is referred to as the individual hair strands in total. This is classified as medium, thick, and thin hair.

You might have heard some people saying their hair is thick or some say their hair is thin. People think that hair density and texture of the hair is the same. But, the truth is that the hair texture is the same and density is different. On average, every person has around 1,00,00 hair strands. If you have blond hair then you will have high density and people who have red hair have a low density of hair.

How to know about the hair density?

In case, you want to determine the density of your own hair then do it on dry hair. Look at the mirror and see the head carefully. Are you able to see the scalp? If yes, then it means you have low density. Whereas, if you see some parts then density is medium. If you cannot see the scalp then it means high-density hair.

What are ways to increase hair density naturally?

  • Massage with oil

One of the most traditional ways to make the hair thick is to get a scalp massage. This definitely provides many benefits as it helps in increasing the blood circulation and also makes the roots strong. You can use coconut oil and jojoba oil.

  • Green tea

Green tea contains antibacterial and antioxidant properties which help in making the hair growth and also make them thick. Having a cup of green tea daily will help you manage the hair efficiently.

  • Apply aloe vera to increase hair volume

Aloe vera gel naturally contains properties which make the hair grow. Different kinds of research have shown that the hair follicles become strong and thick by applying aloe vera gel. Using is regularly will definitely give you the best results.

  • Food to Increase hair volume with a balanced diet

Best way to deal with low hair density is by maintaining a good diet. You should include essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, vitamin C, copper, and zinc. All these things naturally help in increasing hair density.

What is the role of hair density in hair transplant?

No doubt, patients want high density when they are dealing with the problem of hair loss. If the case is very severe then it starts forming bald patches and bald spots on the scalp. By getting a hair transplant, the problem can be solved effectively. The method of Follicular Unit Transplantation is an effective method of hair transplantation.

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