Vitamins that promote Healthy Hair Growth

Vitamins that promote Healthy Hair Growth

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Hair loss is not only your problem, but the majority of people are also suffering from this condition. So, there is no need to worry about hair growth because there are so many alternatives which will help you to grow hair faster. If you are really struggling to grow hair faster then go with some type of vitamins such as biotin, vitamin A, C, and E.

Don’t worry if you have bad hair, because there are many people who are suffering from this condition. Experiencing excessive hair loss, prematurely grey hair, dryness, and breakage of hair has many reasons behind. So. In order to treat this condition, you need to understand the reason first. The main reason behind these conditions such as poor dietary habits. You should only stick to a healthy diet full of vitamins.

If you are then again experiencing hair loss then you must go with hair loss treatment. Hair transplant is the best hair fall treatment which will give permanent hair growth. And one new investigation shows that PRP therapy also useful for hair growth. But make sure you should consume a healthy diet which is rich in vitamins.

Here are some vitamins which are essential for hair growth include-:


Biotin in the essential hair growth vitamin which gives you the best results. This vitamin is useful to grow thicker, healthier, and fuller hair so that you can look attractive with healthy hair. You should go with biotin supplements or buy a shampoo which contains biotin. In addition to this, you can also consume which contain biotin such as salmon, avocados, almonds, and eggs.

Vitamin A and C

These both the vitamins are useful for protecting the hair follicles from harmful external or internal components and promote hair growth.  Vitamin A is also useful to produce sebum on the scalp which protects your hair from dryness and other scalp problems. And vitamin C is helpful to prevent aging effects and hair shedding as well. You should consume foods which are rich in vitamin A and C include carrots, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, kiwis, oranges, and broccoli. These all the fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin A and C.


Omega-3 is the best nutrient which is useful to nourish and thicken your hair follicles so that they can promote hair growth. Well, omega-3 is found in white fish, eggs, tuna, and flaxseeds. You can also go with omega-3 supplements if you are completely vegetarian.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is essential to protect your body cells from external harmful components. Millions of people use vitamin E capsules along with hair oil in order to treat hair loss because this is also useful to promote hair growth. You can also go with shampoos and oils which are rich in Vitamin E.

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