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Hair is considered as valuable asset for person so it is obvious to get disturbed after any damage or loss of this asset. People try various options to restore their crown glory after experiencing baldness from the available surgical and non surgical methods. People undergo PRP therapy for their hair restoration in great extent as it is safe and effective non surgical treatment option.


PRP is also called platelet rich plasma therapy. It is the non surgical method of hair restoration by which patient can get rid from the thinning or missing hair problem. In this therapy platelet rich plasma are injected in the scalp of patient to stimulate the hair growth. But before understanding this therapy it is important to understand about platelet rich plasma

What are platelet rich plasma or PRP cells?

Human blood contains the small solid components like red cells, white cells and platelets and each component has its own functioning and importance. Platelets are important for the healing of injuries and blood clotting and even these platelets contain hundreds of proteins called growth factors.

PRP cells have 5-10 times more concentration of growth factors that the normal blood so has greater ability of healing so can be used for various medical ailments including the hair loss treatment. These growth factor enriched plasmas stimulate the hair growth and nourish the hair follicles by even activating the dead hair follicles. So these plasmas are used to inject in the scalp of patient to treat hair loss problem.

PRP Procedure





Dr. Mohan is expert and specialist for performing PRP therapy with outstanding results. For this procedure initially the patient’s blood is drawn in small amount and then tested at center itself to know about any blood infection or disease.

Patient’s drawn blood is the centrifuged under the controlled and optimized conditions of temperature, speed and time to separate the PRP cells from blood. Then PRP cells are removed from the rest of blood and have been made sure that these cells have 5-6 time more concentration of growth factors than the rest of blood.

After obtaining highly concentrated blood cells, patient is given local anesthesia for painless process. Then platelet rich plasmas are injected in the scalp of patient with specialized tools. After the completion of process patient’s hair s are washed at the center to give hygienic and preventive wash.

After the completion of PRP session, patient can get back to home without any difficulty. This procedure can be of 2-3 sessions according to requirement of patient

PRP benefits

  • It is non invasive lab procedure of few hours
  • It results into better growth, texture and quality of hair
  • Patient can get painless, scar free and without stitches treatment for his baldness
  • It is the safe and affordable treatment option for hair loss
  • It is widely accepted method which is suitable for both men and women that are suffering from thinning of hair
  • It is the treatment without any medication and sedation
  • It can be combined with surgical hair transplant method to optimize the results of surgery

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