Why Teenage Girls Suffer Hair Loss?

Why Teenage Girls Suffer Hair Loss?

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Many people suffer from the issue of hair loss, even teenage girls are not an exception. But what exactly are the reasons that teenage girls are suffering from this problem.

Hair loss is one such issue which is faced by many people. Even teenage girls also suffer from this problem. Dealing with hair loss at such a young age is not easy. They feel emotionally traumatized as it is a problem on which they do not have any control.

Actually, there are some reasons which make leads to this situation at an early age. Here we have listed some of them for your understanding so that you can prevent the problem.

  • Poor Diet

Eating a proper diet helps the skin, nails, and hair to grow properly as well as they will be healthy also. At a young age, teenage do not take proper care and they neglect the importance of diet. Their diet does not include the adequate amount of fruits and vegetables which make the hair weak. To deal with this problem it is essential that you focus on your diet.

  • Change in Hormone

All teens go through various changes in the body as well as in hormonal level. The change in hormones can affect hair growth, eating habits, and emotion. Sometimes the imbalance in the hormone can trigger hair fall. The hormone which is responsible for this problem is DHT. The DHT can make the hair follicles weak which will make then shrink and they fall out.

  • Over-styling the hair

Teenage girls are often interested in styling their hair. For this, they use various hair tools which make the hair weak because of the heat they produce. This is why it is recommended that you should not use these products too often, otherwise you will have dull and frizzy hair. Moreover, you should not tie your hair too tightly as it causes pressure on the hair follicles due to which the hair falls out or they will become thin.

  • Taking medications

There are some medications which can lead to hair fall, especially ones which make changes in the hormonal level. Some teenage girls take medications to control acne or for PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome). By taking the medications you will notice that the hair is getting thin.

Make sure you consult the doctor so that they can evaluate your condition and then tell you the best treatment option. One of the best hair loss treatments is a hair transplant. This is because the results of this method are effective and permanent. By getting the treatment and taking preventive measures will solve the problem.

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