How does Quality of Water effect Hair

How does Quality of Water effect Hair

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So, you have tried every other pill to shampoo and conditioner to stop the hair fall. Maybe you need to check the water quality. The hair loss is a common issue and there are different reasons for that. One of them is the quality of water which we have explained in this guide for your understanding.

When it comes to taking care of the hair, the most important is to wash the hair properly. But what if you get to know the water can be a major problem. Everyone does not know that water quality can leave a major effect on the hair appearance which can even include hair loss. People in urban areas face hair fall issue due to poor water quality.

Types of water

Let’s take a look at the various quality of water for better understanding:

  • Chlorine Water

The pollutants can be removed from the water, chlorine is a chemical that is added to the water by the municipal corporation. If chlorine gets into contact with your hair makes them brittle and dry which will trigger hair fall. Chlorine water is present in swimming pools in high amounts. So, it is important to ensure that your hair does not get into contact with the swimming pool water for a long time.

  • Hard Water

This water type is more common in cities and one of the main reasons of hair fall. The water contains an excess amount of magnesium, calcium, and silica. Due to this, the hair will get dry, break, and hair thinning.

In case the problem is increasing or you are losing more hair as compared to normal then the best treatment option is hair transplant.

  • Rainwater

The rainwater pure form is excellent. But it can get toxic and harmful when the pollutants of air get mixed with it. When the rainwater gets in contact with your hair, the hair strands will get weak and this will lead to hair loss.

  • Sea water

Seawater has a high level of salt which makes the hair brittle and dry. If you love going to the beach then make sure to not let the water get in contact with the hair. In case the hair gets in contact with seawater then make sure to deep condition the hair.

  • Ground water

Groundwater is found in a rural area and it has magnesium and iron. When the hair gets in contact with groundwater the hair becomes thin and lusterless.

Remedies for hair fall

You can apply aloe vera, henna, onion juice, beetroot, coconut oil, and amla. The hair will get shiny and healthy. For a better understanding of the reason for hair loss, you are experiencing you should contact the doctor.

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