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Unlimited efforts have been done for restoring the natural hair of person but hair transplantation is the most effective achievement done by medical science. There are many methods that are being used for restoring lost hair like wigs, hair patches, medications, hair products and so on but this surgical method has achieved much success in meeting the desires of the hair loss patients.

Hair transplantation is the surgical method in which specialists choose the loss resistant hair follicles from the most fertile part of head called donor area and extract them to transplant in the bald portions according to requirement of the patient at a time.

Much advancements have been done in the field of transplantation as with the starting from punch grafting technique it reaches to the most advanced procedure that not only ensures the naturally growing hair but without any side effect. We are specialized for treating both men and women pattern hair loss. Our highly experienced surgeons poised to given best and safe results to patients by framing personalized treatment pattern for each individual.

hair transplant procedure



Extraction of Grafts

Extraction of Grafts

Grafts Implantation


This anesthetic surgical procedure is performed mainly in following 3 types of methods


It is the conventional method in which strip of hair follicles is taken from the back head called the donor area and then dissected in the individual grafts of natural grouping of 1-4 hair  for implantation. This method leaves the linear scars and there is need to sutured the donor area.


It is the reformed method in which individual hair follicles are harvested instead of removing strip of hair bearing skin from the permanent zone of scalp. For removal of hair follicles micro punches are used of having diameter less than 1mm that leaves the tiny holes only.  Donor follicles are transplanted in the recipient area at correct depth, angle and distance to give undetectable look to patient.


It is the advanced form of FUE method or even called improved version of it. In this method after performing FUE growth factors are injected in the scalp that not only improve the after results but also lead to quicker healing after surgery


advantages of hair transpalnt surgery


We have experience of many years in performing safe surgeries with high quality hair transplant results at the reasonable cost only. Our world best team of doctors strives for the hassle free experience of the patients by utilizing the years of experience and expertise

  • We ensure the minimum cost of procedure without compromising quality
  • Well qualified and experienced surgeons
  • Our world best team make sure the least wastage of grafts while extraction and transplantation
  • We make sure the minimum out of body time for the grafts so that grafts can survive for longer time
  • Before surgery patient’s expectations are discussed and accordingly grafts are transplanted by counting
  • For risk free procedure we provide ultra hygienic OTs
  • Strong 24/7 total care system
What is hair transplant?

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