Advanced Hair Transplantation Protocols

Latest studies indicate how advanced or polished hair transplantation techniques are of greater efficacy in the modern world combating extreme levels of baldness in both males and females.

The hair transplantation surgery at our hair transplant centre is performed by an extremely experienced surgeon who selects healthy hair follicles from the scalp and the rest of the body, treats them and then aesthetically implants them in the bald region of the scalp. Steps followed during a hair transplant in Jalandhar are;

Observation & Planning

Ideally perceived to be consultation, our hair transplant surgery professionally examines the patient’s scalp and will recommend blood tests if necessary.

This crucial stage is aimed at evaluating a patient’s candidacy for the surgery and in case deemed so, the surgeon will estimate the required number of hair follicles and the suitable technique.

Extraction Phase

On the day of the surgery, our surgeon will implement several measures to render your surgery friendly and comfortable. Local anesthesia is administered after which the donor part is trimmed to extract the hair follicles.

Dissection, counting & Slit Creation

Considered one of the most technical phases of hair transplantation, your strip is aesthetically dissected in the laboratory and you will, later on, count the hair follicles with a technician, after which slits are created in the recipient site using less invasive equipment.


The surgeon will then follow the double forceps and follow the First-Out-First-In technique to aesthetically fix the donor hair follicles into the slits.

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