Hair Transplant in Men


Losing 60-100 strands a day is normal but if this number goes above the limit then can be trouble for you. This lost of hair can push you to look older than age and dent your self esteem so it is important to look for permanent solution of balding head.

Advances of medical science have made it possible to grow head full of hair with the hair transplant surgery in India. Amazing and unbeatable results of the hair transplant surgery has increase the demand for this procedure by manifolds in the recent years.  It is simple procedure of shifting follicles from one part of the scalp to other to grow for lifetime.

Men can get rid from their pattern hair loss with the surgical option for lifetime and can look younger and smarter with full head of hair

hair transplant procedure


We restore the hair in men with the simple process of transplantation. Primarily best quality hair follicles are selected from the permanent zone and then extracted according the requirement and implanted in the balding area. Before the surgery candidacy of the men for the procedure is also decided on the basis of  extent of baldness, requirement of patient, age, laxity of scalp, medical background of patient, availability of donor follicles and texture of hair so that best  suited method can be applied for the best results

Extraction of grafts

It is the important step for hair transplant surgery in men as the hair follicles are extracted from the donor area by making sure least damage to the original tissue surrounding the follicles and the extraction of grafts according to requirement of individual patient

Transplantation of grafts

Grafts are implanted with the motive of restoration without leaving any slit and at the correct angle, depth and distance so that one can have undetectable results after surgery. Follicles are cultivated according to the density of existing hair so that patient can have complete natural look.


  • Men can have natural and younger look to flaunt with head full of hair
  • No more bald patches and lifetime growing natural hair
  • Follicles are extracted from permanent zone so after extraction hair will grow back
  • After surgery you can have desired hair style and can cut, color and style your transplanted hair as per choice


We are well known for unbeatable results of hair transplant in men in Jalandhar, Punjab but few specialties of us distinguish us from crowd


  • We have strong team of surgeons that have decades of experience and expertise in the field
  • We perform surgeries in the ultra hygienic operation theaters for the best health of patient
  • We utilize the pioneered and world proven equipments and tools for surgery that are sterilized
  • Our surgeon perform each surgery with artistic skills to give anesthetic look to patient

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