Hair loss is becoming serious issue these days as people are getting bald in their young ages. There is no shadow of doubt, reduction in the density of hair affects the overall appearance then whether this reduction occurs on head or on face, in both cases it is sign of trouble for a person.

As beard is sign of masculine for men so bald patches or less growth of beard hair can make then worried and dent their self esteem and confidence. Men are getting desperate to get their macho look back with restored beard style so beard hair transplants are getting common these days. FUE is used by the best beard hair transplant centres in India, to increase the density of beard hair or to cover the bald patches and scars.

Same as the hair transplant procedure, beard transplant is also specialized procedure offering the results that are based on the skills and experience of the surgeon. Dr. Mohan is efficient and expert in performing facial hair transplants including beard, eyebrow and eyelashes with safe and best results


Beard scars and patches can be caused by some injuries, side effects of medications or due to genetic patches. These patches may lower the confidence of men as they consider their beard as symbol of their esteem and status.  Even men are showing great interest in having different styles of their beard these days so they look for the permanent solution of their patchy beard. Beard hair transplant can give them opportunity to modify their look and style of beard at any time with complete natural look so these days millions of men are choosing surgical transplant to have desired style and density of their beard.


For restoring beard hair FUE procedure is used due to its revolutionary and undetectable results. This procedure many vary from 3 to 7 hours depending on the extent of problem and expected look after surgery.

Before performing the hair transplant procedure, Dr, Mohan finds the permanent zone area at the side or back of scalp according to exact match with the existing beard hair. if the patient is not having sufficient loss resistant hair follicles then cheast hair can also be used for transplantation.

This procedure is also done under the local anesthesia to give complete comfort and painless procedure to patient. Then the follicles are extracted one by one according to the requirement for complete restoration. The size of equipment used for harvesting follicles depends on the size of follicles needed for beard restoration.
After the careful examination of facial areas where transplantation is needed, hair follicles are transplanted at correct angle to provide completely natural look and best density.


On the same day, patient can get back to his home and even after 1-2 days can resume his daily activities. However, patients are given some instructions for post operative care and to reduce the risk for any side effect or complication after surgery.

After few months patient can have noticeable outcomes of beard hair transplant. Patient can notice the increase in beard density significantly and after some time hair growth starts as it happens on the rest part of beard. Results of FUE beard hair transplant at NHTC in Jalandhar, Punjab, are long lasting and natural.

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