Is it viable to have hair transplant on crown area of head?

Is it viable to have hair transplant on crown area of head?

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Undergoing hair transplantation is the best way to deal with hair loss problems. The treatment is done so that the bald spot can be fixed. But, the patients need to keep in mind different things to get the crown hair transplantation. Read this guide thoroughly to understand it is viable or not.

The crown region is referred to as the bald spot which is the most common area of male pattern hair loss. This is the main area where patients get hair transplant surgery. But, in the case of the crown area, several things should be considered. When you visit the hair transplant surgeon they will let you know everything in detail.

Are you losing hair on other parts of the scalp?

The crown area is the most important part but in terms of treating it cosmetically, it is less important as the area is not that noticeable. It is located in the scalp back and high on the scalp so most people do not see it.

On the other hand, the hairline and front scalp are properly visible. In this regard, these regions should be addressed in the right manner.

What is the availability of donor area for transplantation?

The donor area which is on the side & back of the scalp has a limited amount of hair grafts. This means they are losing their hair aggressively. Here what you should keep in mind:

  • If all the donor hair is harvested in the crown but thin in the front, what will the results look like? This won’t result in natural appearance.
  • It means that if the donor supply is limited, then it is best to use it in one region specifically in the front so that the results are natural.

What is your age?

Patients below 25 need to be screened thoroughly as the hair loss pattern is still not fully made and other regions can lose more hair. In case, the men have started losing hair in the crown then they will lose it in the front also. This is the reason, proper consultation is a must.

Are you taking any medications?

Many patients are taking preventive hair loss medications to deal with the problem effectively. But, keep in mind they won’t stop the hair loss permanently as it is just a temporary solution.

Will the crown get thin? If yes, will it be best to get the procedure in the future?

The crown part gets thin over time which means it is progressive and it gets thin in a circular pattern. It means in future the other area can get thin. It is possible that in the future you need to get the surgery.

Talk to your doctor to know which option is best for you as per your condition.


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