Treatments available for Alopecia Areata

Treatments available for Alopecia Areata

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Hair loss is a very common problem that affects both men and women. It might trigger an early age or the problem can occur later in life. Also, there are different types of hair loss and one of them is alopecia areata. Read the given topic as we have mentioned the treatment for alopecia areata.

Getting the early diagnosis of hair loss condition helps in finding the most effective and appropriate treatment option. There are various causes of hair loss in every case the reason is different.

In case the hair loss problem occurred suddenly then it is alopecia areata. Unlike other forms of hair loss, treatment options are limited for this case. However, getting timely professional assistance and the right information the hair can be restored properly.

What is the result of alopecia areata on hair?

  • In the case of alopecia areata, the hair follicles start getting worse which stops hair growth. This type of hair loss affects people of any age and its first occurrence is seen in childhood. When the hair is in the resting phase they fall out easily and the new hair growth is ceased.
  • In some cases the hair loss is in a single patch whereas others find hair falling in different areas. With this type usually, one side of the scalp is affected but in some cases, it can be a centralized part of the scalp.

Is Alopecia areata condition permanent?

Thankfully, it is a temporary condition, once the disease recedes the hair will grow back again. The length and recurrence of the problem can also vary in every case. Understanding the reason for hair loss help in deciding the viable hair loss surgery which helps in solving the problem.

Treating the problem professionally

The most common method of treatment is minoxidil. The cream is applied on the scalp 2 times a day. It is believed that the treatment helps in making the passage of blood cells and other nutrients which helps in recovering the hair follicles. With time the problem of hair loss decreases and hair growth occurs.

It might be possible that your doctor combines the minoxidil treatment with other options like corticosteroids or diphencyprone which helps in reducing the effect of alopecia areata.

In case for a long time, there have been small patches of the scalp and their occurrence is the same then the hair transplant option can be recommended by the surgeon. This treatment option helps in seeing the permanent hair growth and its results also look natural.

Consulting the doctor

Always keep in mind asking your doctor will help you get the right solution on how you can mask the side effects of AA. The doctor will let you know the ways of promoting hair growth in the affected areas. Schedule your appointment with our experienced doctor today only!

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