Why Does Transplanted Hair Fall Out after Surgery?

Why Does Transplanted Hair Fall Out after Surgery?

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Undergoing hair transplantation is the most reliable and effective way to deal with hair loss. But patients have one concern whether the transplanted grafts can fall out from the scalp and what is the reason. Read the given topic to know the reason behind transplanted hair grafts being falling out.

One of the common questions which people commonly ask is whether the transplanted hair grafts will fall out. Well, they certainly do but that too for a reason. In most cases, after a few weeks the grafts will fall out and it will remain bare for a few weeks. This is normal for people undergoing the hair transplant and there is nothing to worry about. When patients visit us to know about the problem we make sure they understand the procedure in detail so that they can proceed with the surgery.

Reason behind Transplanted hair falling out

This phenomenon is referred to as shock loss. It is linked with the hair grafts that are moved from the original place on the scalp to a new place. This makes the transplanted hair grafts fall out. At first, it will give an illusion that new hair is growing, but actually, they are being pushed out. For a few weeks, the hair will remain bare, following that the new hair will be produced like it would in the normal situation.

After ‘shock loss’ will they fall out again?

No, During the hair transplant surgery, the surgeons transplant the hair follicles in the scalp where the hair is genetically affected which triggers the hair fall. But, once they are relocated they won’t fall out from the scalp.

Following the transplantation, the normal hair cycle will continue and the regrowth phase will be there. In normal, around 50 to 100 hair shed from the scalp which is not linked with pattern baldness. The hair grows between 2 to 8 years and after that, they fall out. The process starts again and the hair is natural as well as healthy.

Bottom Line: During treatment, the transplanted hair is your own hair so the regrowth of hair looks natural and they grow in the new location for the coming years.

What if the transplanted hair falls out?

At what stage you got the treatment, it is entirely possible that your hair might fall out after surgery. One thing is that the hair will look natural as they blend easily with your existing hair. The grafts will remain in the place they have been shifted to.

Contact the doctor

To learn more about the procedure you can contact our surgeon. First, they will diagnose your condition and know what is the reason behind hair fall. Book your initial consultation with our surgeon today only!

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