Tips to Take Care of Hair During Lockdown

Tips to Take Care of Hair During Lockdown

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Coronavirus Pandemic has affected everyone’s life greatly. Apart from being stuck at home, it is essential that we take care of your health properly. As we are unable to go anywhere, so we need to take care of ourselves at home. This guide will help you learn the tips to take care of your hair during the lockdown.

Given below are the topmost tips to take care of your hair during the lockdown:

  • Massage with Hot Oil

Massaging hair with hot oil is the best way to keep up with hair health. This is extremely beneficial to nourish the hair deep within the scalp. With the hot oil, the hair follicles get stimulated which helps the hair to grow properly. This will also help to deal with the hair loss issue. 

What you can do?

You can use coconut oil, almond oil, or any other oil to massage the hair. Warn the oil for a few minutes and then massage on the scalp. Leave it on the scalp overnight and then wash it the next day.

  • Shampoo is not Enough

Keep in mind that the use of shampoo is not enough even if you use paraben-free products. The shampoo will take away the moisture from the hair. So, make sure you choose the top-rated hair conditioner to wash the hair. 

In case you are not sure which product you need to use then you should take the help of the doctor. According to your condition, the doctor will let you know which product type will suit your hair the best. 

  • Take spa with Hot Towel

Most people are not aware of the method to make the hair deeply nourished. You need to massage the hair and then wrap a towel around the head. Make sure to dip the towel in warm water and completely strain the water before wrapping it around the head. Keep this on the scalp for 8 to 10 minutes and then wash the hair thoroughly. 

  • Do not forget the hair serum

Applying serum on the hair helps to prevent it from getting frizzy. Additionally, it makes the hair smooth and tangle-free. Make sure you buy the best one so that your hair remains strong. 

  • Stay away from the blow-dry

You are home, so you might be thinking to blow dry, or use another kind of hair styling product like curler, hair straightener, gel, or hair spray. You should give the hair complete detox during the lockdown. It is best to not blow-dry the hair after washing the hair. 

  • Do not comb when the hair is wet

Most importantly you should never comb the hair when it is wet. At that time, the hair is extremely brittle so you let them dry on their own.

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