Tips to Speed Hair Growth After hair transplant

Tips to Speed Hair Growth After hair transplant

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No doubt, hair transplant give you the best treatment, but you need to be extra careful after the transplantation. If you are unable to grow hair after hair transplant, then must read this article carefully. We are going to tell you about tips to grow hair faster after the hair transplant procedure.

Hair transplant is a completely secure procedure which gives you permanent hair growth along with natural-looking hair. So, you do not take tension about hair growth, but yes, the results of hair transplant surgery are determined by many factors such as your health condition, number of hair grafts transplanted in the affected area, and experience of the surgeon. But if you took hair transplantation procedure from us then you don’t worry we make sure you with the best results. 

In order to grow your hair fast after the transplantation procedure, you need to follow all the instructions of your surgeon. Well, pain and discomfort after the transplantation are normal, but in this condition, you must go with prescribed medicines only. 

Here are some tips to grow hair faster after the hair transplantation procedure. 

  • You must treat gently your scalp after the transplantation procedure. You must only go with prescribed medications in order to avoid damaging the area of transplanted hair. 
  • You only use gentle but only after the permission of the surgeon. In addition to this, you must use a gentle shampoo to clean the area around hair follicles and the transplanted region as well. Make sure you do not rub the area with a towel. It will harm you badly. 
  • You must avoid excessive exercise after the transplantation. It is strictly recommended that you must avoid exercises such as jogging, running, and weight lifting for a few weeks because it leads to sweating and itching. 
  • You must rub gently your forehead with ice cubes, it will help you to reduce the risk of swelling and irritation as well. But make sure do not use ice cubes directly on your forehead, you must wrap the ice cubes in the cotton cloth and only then rub on your forehead. Moreover, don’t even try to touch your transplanted region, because it is too sensitive or touchy. 
  • After a few weeks, apply some essential oils such as rosemary, peppermint, olive, and sage. These are helpful to grow your hair faster than anything. 
  • You must drink plenty of water in a day, it is valuable to nourish your scalp. You must avoid spicy or oily foods because  these harm hair follicles and transplanted area. You must stick to a healthy diet full of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and fibers. These are essential for fast hair growth and protect you from many types of diseases.

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