How much time do you need to take off after hair transplant surgery?

How much time do you need to take off after hair transplant surgery?

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Hair Transplant is the best treatment option to restore the hairline and bald spots. During the surgery, the hair is taken from the back of the scalp and then transplanted where hair growth is extremely less.


Taking time off to work after hair transplant surgery

The hair transplant treatment can be performed by using FUE or FUT. FUE is a less invasive method as compared to FUT. No matter, which option you choose, it is essential that you take off for one week following the surgery. This might not be necessary in every case, but doing so can help the patients to get successful results as the healing process goes faster.


Will I be able to do exercise after surgery?

Like other surgical procedures, the patients need to take off from doing exercise. There is no way to put unwanted pressure on the body. In most cases, the patient can get back to the normal routine within 48 t0 72 hours. Make sure before you get back to the gym consult the doctor whether your health allows you to do that.


Recovery timeline for hair transplant

You will be able to change in the scalp following the treatment. The initial results can be seen within 3 months. After that, the hair will continue to grow like normal. The desired results will take around 8 to 12 months.


Right after the treatment

Following the treatment, you will be able to see the shape of the new hairline. It might not look aesthetically pleasing but you will be able to see some degree of scabbing around the transplanted grafts. There are small incisions that will heal within a few weeks. Side effects like inflammation and tenderness will go away within 5 to 7 days.


2 weeks to 5 months after the surgery

About 2 to 3 weeks following the treatment, you will be able to see small hairs falling out. The hair follicles falling out is a normal process and you should not be worried about it. The follicles will get replaced and the new hair will come from the roots.

Every month the hair grows around one centimetre. So, you need to wait for a few months to see the effective results. In most cases, the final results take around 8 to 12 months following the surgery.


Long-term outcomes

Once you are fully recovered from the hair transplantation surgery, you will be able to trim and dye the hair as you wish. After one or two years, no one will get to know that you have undergone the hair restoration treatment.

Just make sure to follow the tips given by the surgeon and take the necessary medications on time. When you follow the proper routine it makes it easier to go through the entire process with ease.


Consult the best surgeon

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