Steps of Successful Hair Transplant

Steps of Successful Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplantation is considered as the best treatment option to deal with hair loss and baldness. With technological advancement, the technique has got even better and helped to get the best outcomes which are not possible with other options. In this guide, we have shared steps for successful results.

So, you are planning to undergo the treatment of hair transplant then you might be wondering what makes the results come out to be successful. When you visit our doctor for the consultation of hair transplant surgery here are a few steps which will be taken into consideration:

Step 1: Proper diagnosis and planning

The most important thing is to diagnose the cause of hair loss. This way the planning will be done properly. It is essential to predict future hair loss and all the areas should be included which need transplantation. 

Also, the hairline is planned just according to the appearance but the future aspect is kept in mind. The straight hairline is avoided as it gives the artificial look. 

Step 2: Graft Extraction without any damage

While extracting the grafts whether it is FUE or FUT proper care is taken so that its integrity is maintained. This is done so that the graft does not get injured. Along with that right placement of the graft is needed for each follicular unit. 

In case, while the graft extraction if any of them is damaged then it won’t be used in the next step. However, this is very rare when you take the help of experienced and competent surgeons as they perform the treatment in the right manner. 

Step 3: Proper storage conditions for the harvested graft

The survival rate is increased when the grafts are placed at the right storage temperature which is 4°C and they should be placed in a storage solution. Also, it is kept in mind for how long they have been outside the body. The experienced doctor makes sure that once they are extracted from the donor site they should be placed back on the problematic area within less time so that the graft survival rate is not affected in any manner. 

Step 4: Placement of grafts

The outcome will be determined by the graft placement. Keep in mind every person’s hair growth pattern is unique so proper planning is going to ensure the best outcomes with the hair transplantation.

The important points to be kept in mind are:

  • Hair follicles direction
  • Procedure planning
  • Hair follicle angle while they were taken out from the skin.
  • Hair follicle alignment

Step 5: Post-care

Patients undergoing the treatment need to follow the prescription given by the doctor and make sure to avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, or use of any steroids is not allowed. Make sure you focus on your diet and take the essential supplements for hair growth as suggested by the doctor. 

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