Is Smokers are Known to be Bad Candidates for Hair Transplant in India??

Is Smokers are Known to be Bad Candidates for Hair Transplant in India??

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Do you think your smoking habit can lead to hair loss?

Smoking is injurious to health still it has become an integral part of the contemporary lifestyle. Youngsters like smoking as they find it cool and recreational activity, even some of them take it as a status symbol.

There are many devastating effects of smoking including the mouth cancer, lungs cancer, brain damage, tooth decay, skin damage, breathing issues but recent studies have found the relation of smoking with the hair loss. It can be a bit shocking for us but the bad habit of smoking can snatch our crown glory from us. Let us study the relation of both with following pointers



Relation-of-smoking-and-hair-loss(1)Relation of smoking and hair loss

As the cigarettes contain thousands of toxic chemicals that can affect adversely to our body so can lead to hair loss in the following ways

  • As smoking can interrupt the regeneration of hair follicles by disturbing the blood circulation so can lead to hair loss
  • Smoking plays the great role in converting the free testosterone into DHT means it become the cause for the production of DHT, and this DHT force the hair follicles to get a shrink and lead their shedding due to lack of blood flow and nutrients.
  • Smoking can accelerate the process of your body to get old means you can have premature aging signs like dark circles, wrinkles, and sagging skin and this premature aging contribute to loss of hair in both men and women.
  • Smoking affects adversely to the level of vitamin A and C of our body and both of these nutrients are important to slow down the aging process and even the lower level of these vitamins attacks the immune system so create many complications including hair loss.

Thus smoking has a direct relation with hair loss so quit smoking slogan can help you to come out from the different adverse consequences of it including the hair loss. If you already have the visible loss of hair due to smoking then you can consider hair transplant in India for the best results of hair restoration as it is the effective method that can give permanent and real hair.

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