What role does stem cell and hair cloning play in hair transplant

What role does stem cell and hair cloning play in hair transplant

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Hair loss is one of the problems which is faced by everyone at some point in their lives. In that case, the treatment of hair transplantation helps in giving the best results. You might not know but stem cells play an important role along with hair cloning. To know more about this, continue reading the given topic.

From the last many years, the hair cloning technique of hair restoration has been in use. But, still the study on this topic remains experimental and scientifically there are no solid conclusions. The basic aim of hair cloning is to give unlimited donor hair which can be used effectively in the transplant.

With the hair cloning technique, the doctor will take out the healthy follicles from the donor area of the patient and then multiple clones of the cells are cultivated in the laboratory. The cells which have been created newly will be implanted back to the scalp. This process will allow the new hair to grow back again.

What are the challenges with hair cloning?

  • According to the current study, the growth of hair follicles is the main challenge. After the newly created cells are implanted into the scalp which has bald patches, the new hair will start growing in different directions and at different angles. This process happens because of the hair follicle formation and direction of growth needs to start with embryonic development in which the hair follicles are independent. Also, the growth cycle will be at different times.
  • It is not known how the hair follicles will start growing in term of direction. You might think that the new hair follicles will start generating via hair cloning. With the hair transplant procedure, incisions will be created and then the follicles will be re-implanted according to the direction of angle and growth. The hair transplant surgery helps in giving a natural look.

What are the complications with hair cloning?

The problem with hair cloning is that it can damage the stem cells of hair follicles. Additionally, there is a possibility that the tumor might develop because of the cultured cells. Till the time, the risk is not minimized FDA has made sure that hair cloning will not be approved procedure of hair restoration.

Additionally, after the approval, as the method does not leave scarring on the skin it can become an alternative option for many people dealing with the problem of hair loss.

Who is the perfect candidate?

Initially, surgeons used to indicate that this procedure is helpful for patients who have undergone the hair transplantation procedure at least once but they did not get the desired results. The picture of the ideal candidate is still not found but the patient needs to be in good health.

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