Role Of Environmental Factors On Hair Loss

Role Of Environmental Factors On Hair Loss

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Nowadays, the problem of hair loss is becoming very common whether it is aged or adult. In addition to this, research has shown that before the age of 50 every person experiences this problem. On a daily basis, every person loses at least 100 strands of hairs whether you are male or female. But if you notice excessive hair fall suddenly, then it might be due to some problem. The issue can occur because of different factors such as diet, use of drugs, medication, smoking, and drinking. In addition to this, environmental factors also affect the growth of hairs and it makes them brittle. There are some factors which make the problem worse.

  • Air pollution

Research has shown that one of the main reason for hair loss is pollution. This problem is more prominent for the people living in the cities because of the smoke coming out from industries, pollution of car and bikes. The air contains excessive toxins and harmful chemicals which get into the bloodstream. Due to this, it starts damaging the hairs as well as the hair follicles. You will notice shedding of hairs and the growth will be affected negatively. Additionally, the cigarette smoke all affect the hairs. If the problem in this excess then you can get a hair transplant In India. So, you should take proper care and follow a healthy hair care routine.

  • Weather condition

Weather condition also affects the growth of hairs which unfortunately leads to the issue of hair fall. If you are living in an extremely hot climate, then the sun will dry your hairs. Eventually, it will become brittle and it will look damaged. Overtime if you don’t take care proper care then you will notice excessive hair fall. You should cover your scalp whenever you go out as the scalp get burn. There are also different products available in the market to treat the problem and to moisturize the hairs. You can massage your scalp as it improves blood circulation which will improve hair growth.

Additionally, if you are living in a cold climate then it also leaves an adverse effect on the hairs. Your hairs need to be very strong to suit different weather conditions. You should follow a healthy lifestyle which help will improve your overall health.

  • Swimming pool

If you love swimming or you are a sports person then you should know that pool water can also damage the hairs. It contains chlorine which affects the hairs. You should wear a cap when you enter the pool. You should use the best quality conditioner and shampoo to avoid any type of damage.


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