Role of Environment Factors in Hair Loss

Role of Environment Factors in Hair Loss

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People think that if someone in their family has faced the hair loss issue then they won’t be facing the issue. But, this is not true as different factors can impact the health of hair adversely. In this topic, we are going to focus on the environmental factors which contribute to hair loss.

Hair is one of the important signs of beauty and youthful look. But, what if you start losing hair in excess it can impact a person’s self-esteem drastically. Many blame the condition on genetics which is not right. Different factors can lead to female and male pattern baldness.

Well, if the hair loss is not getting in control then you must consult the doctor for hair transplant surgery. This is because the treatment hair transplant is a permanent solution to counter the hair fall or baldness issue.

Many people are not aware of the fact that the environment triggers hair loss. Here we are going to highlight the top environmental factors:

Hard water

You might not know but water is also of different types. One of them is hard water which adversely affects the hair. Recent research was done which showed that countries with more PPM (parts per million) have more bald people as compared to other places. When the water has a high level of calcium, silica, and magnesium it can make the hair dry and damage them.


Everyone is aware of the pollution issue which not only impacts the health but it also affects the hair. The contaminated air has carcinogens and poisons which can interfere with the protein level which is needed for hair growth.

Researchers believe that pollutants can enter the bloodstream, skin, and body which makes the hair follicles weak. This is the reason people living in the city area are more bald as compared to others.


This is linked to the above-mentioned point. When the dust gets attracted it triggers allergies which are referred to as inflammation and scalp infection. The person will have itchy scalp which can be mild at first. But when the right measures are not taken more hair can fall out.

Chemical Substances

There are certain chemical substances like chlorine found in pool water that are known to damage the hair. Well, there is no actual relation between baldness and chlorine but it does affect the overall health of the hair negatively.

Sun exposure

Staying in the sun for a long time can lead to hair loss issues. This issue can activate Telogen effluvium in which the hair follicles enter the resting phase for a long time which makes the hair loss problem increase.

Make sure you seek medical help at the right time as the doctor will give you a reliable treatment plan as per your condition.

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