Relationship between Smoking Marijuana and hair loss

Relationship between Smoking Marijuana and hair loss

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The incidental utilization of marijuana may not cause long-run impacts. However, excessive use can lead to hormonal changes, a slowdown in hair follicle cell generation, and an increase in feelings of anxiety. Additionally, all these factors lead to hair loss. In this content, we will tell about the ill effects of marijuana on health.

Marijuana: A cure or underlying threat?

Marijuana, additionally alluded to as cannabis, is a mainstream recreational medication that is gradually discovering its legitimate balance in various nations, including Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, the United States, and Canada. The main and primary ill effect of this product is hair loss. Moreover, it is proven that the ingredients present in this product can lead to excessive hair loss. In this way, this type of hair loss can be treated only with a hair transplant.

Hair transplant surgery has two methods, for example, FUE and FUT. FUE is an effective and successful method of this problem. You can go with that method in order to avoid the risk of a serious problem.

What is the connection between Marijuana and hair loss?

Besides the way that Marijuana is an inhalant. Additionally, it is dangerous to the throat and lungs, it can likewise cause hair to fall through an assortment of systems. There are various causes of this problem such as it slows cell production, it causes hormonal changes, and it increases stress.

It Causes Hormonal Changes

Hormones are a fundamental segment of many major bodily capacities, yet on the off chance that you have Androgenetic Alopecia, at that point hormones have an imperative influence in your hair fall. AGA is caused due to affect the ability to DHT, a hormone that is created when 5-alpha-reductase attaches to testosterone. In most of the people with Androgenetic Alopecia, an overproduction of DHT is not the issue. Rather, typical dimensions of DHT trigger reactions in touchy hair follicles and lead to hair fall. Moreover, the use of marijuana can lead to low testosterone in the body. This condition affects your health such as reduced sex drive, inability to get and keep an erection, inability to sexually perform, decreased body hair, infertility, increased body fat, fatigue, decreased muscle mass, anxiety, and depression.

It slows cell production

All through the cycle of hair development, the creation of new cells assumes an imperative job. Truth be told, cell development is a noteworthy part of the anagen period of hair development. A study performed in 2007 by analysts found that endocannabinoids and exocannabinoids restrain the growth of the hair follicle. Cannabinoid receptors are situated all through the body, and they are engaged with numerous physiological procedures. These incorporate pain, appetite, state of mind, and memory. The body delivers its own cannabinoids known as endocannabinoids. Additionally, THC found in Marijuana is known as an endocannabinoid. In the least difficult terms, cannabinoids can inhibit the correct improvement and development of the human hair shaft, and prompt hair fall.

If you really want to cure your hair loss problem you should quit smoking marijuana. And you must take hair loss treatment as soon as possible.

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