Read This Before Choosing Your Hair Transplant Surgeon

Read This Before Choosing Your Hair Transplant Surgeon

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Many people get confused while going for a hair transplant. Their main concern is that of choosing a  good surgeon. Here are some points for you which will help you in making your choice easy.

Is the surgeon an experienced one?

Read about the surgeon’s qualifications and skills before booking a consultation appointment with your doctor. Hair transplant is a very sensitive process which has to be done with the right surgeon.

Is he /she a skilled surgeon?

The skills and experience of your surgeon will play a very big role in knowing his abilities to handle cases of different types. Do not judge the experience of your surgeon by his age, but look at the number of surgeries he has done.

Your meeting with the doctor

Meeting with the doctor before the surgery is very necessary. The doctor will see your present condition of hair, history of hair loss, your daily habits and lifestyle. Everything will be checked by the doctor. The doctor will also discuss with you your treatment plans, they will tell you the techniques which will be followed by them. You can tell them about your medical condition ( if you are suffering from any). The appointment will also let you have a bond with your surgeon. After the meeting with your doctor, you will be very confident about the surgeon, hospital staff and treatment process.

Reviews of patients

You can read about the reviews of patients online. See if you can get the patients information, and get to speak to them. Ask them about their experience with the doctor, what was the good experience, what was the bad one. Why was it bad? What did they like about the doctor? What did they dislike about him/her?

Hospital staff

There is well experienced& informed about their job responsibilities.

See how the hospital staff meets and greets you. Happy staff means the staff is good in nature and also is willing to help the patient. This gives a good impression to the doctor and staff.

Ask if the doctors can provide you with before and after pictures of patients

You can ask your doctor if they can show you pictures of patients on which he has surgery done. Also, check if the patients are from the same place or a different place ( this shows that the surgeon is known in other places also or the people who live in his city only know him).

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