Psychological Effects of Female Hair loss

Psychological Effects of Female Hair loss

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We can see many cases of female hair loss around us. Recently, many people from the showbiz industry have come out with their decades of struggles with hair loss. In this article, we aim to share the psychological aspects related to female hair loss. While hair transplant continues to be the only surgical procedure that claims to deliver the most productive results, you must try out other options before going for the surgery.

Facts related to Female hair loss

12% of women show hair loss by the time they attain  30 years while as many as 30 to 40% of women experience noticeable hair loss in the age group of 60-69. It is not just a physical loss; it can lead to grave psychological problems as well. Most of the women with hair loss confirmed that the loss caused a negative effect on their daily life. Half of the women with hair loss problems had problems interacting socially. Around 75 % of them experienced reduced self-esteem.

Female hair loss: Silent Trauma 

While society continues to discuss and accept hair loss in men, women are often tight-lipped about it. They believe in silence and hiding their plight. They experience a different hair loss pattern which becomes difficult to hide. Thinning leads to a lot of trauma which has a psychological impact on their life. Women react to hair loss with a different psychological pattern. They experience powerlessness, anxiety and poor self-esteem. They also became a victim of a negative body image.

We can’t blame the patients for feeling in such a way. The root of the problem could be anything from hormonal changes to alopecia. It could be due to thyroid malfunctioning, stress, trauma, or plain heredity. Independent of the reason, the plight of the patients is almost the same. No one is going to feel good about looking in the mirror and finding hair fall altering their appearance day after day. We understand their plight pretty well and that’s exactly why we have competent yet empathetic staff. At our clinic, you will not only get the best technological advantage related to hair transplant surgery but also experience a great comfort level with our staff. We are always there to provide you with the best treatment, whether it is the technical or the emotional aspect.

Our patients are a much more confident, and attractive version of themselves after the surgery starts showing results. The change is quite apparent when the patients come for their final follow-up.

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