What are Primary Consultation and its importance before Hair Transplant?

What are Primary Consultation and its importance before Hair Transplant?

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Primary consultation is essential before undergoing the hair transplantation process. This will help to know whether the patient overall health allows them to get the surgery as well as to understand the potential risk.

Hair loss is one such issue which is faced by many people all over the world. On average, it is normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs every day. In case, you are experiencing the problem in excess then it is essential that you consult the doctor at the right time. Here we will understand primary consultation and its need before undergoing the hair transplant surgery.

What is primary consultation for hair transplantation?

The primary consultation in the hair transplant is the way to plan the entire surgery in the best and aesthetics manner so that it can describe the entire detail related to the procedure. In most cases, the treatment is suggested when the patient is suffering from the extreme case of pattern baldness. No other treatment worked effectively in solving the issue completely.

Having a primary consultation will also help to decide about the cost by evaluating the entire problem you are experiencing. It would be best if you plan 60-minute consultation which will contain analysis and evaluating the scalp by the experienced doctor.

All over the world, around 60% of people are affected by this problem and they seek the help of the doctor for getting the transplantation. Additionally, both men and women can benefit from this surgery. The doctor will also let you know about the procedure in which the surgery will be performed follicular unit transplant or the follicular unit extraction. During the consultation, this thing will also be decided. This is why it is essential to evaluate the hair properly to plan accordingly for the surgery.

Make sure you choose the best surgeon because they will plan and perform the procedure in the best manner by following the Norwood grade (which helps in depicting the hair loss stage).

Moreover, it can be performed in both ways even either offline or online. The primary consultation definitely helps to know the mandatory information as well as pre-care and post-care advice. No doubt, the doctor make sure that their patient gets all the information related to the procedure so that they can make their decision easily.

Importance of Primary Consultation

By getting the primary consultation the extent of hair loss is analyzed properly with the help of the Norwood scale. The doctor will also tell you that during the surgery you will not get unnecessary pain or discomfort. The donor area will be checked that enough hair follicles are available to transplant the hair. Basically, a proper surgical plan will be made according to the individual needs.

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