Myths Busted About Female Hair Thinning

Myths Busted About Female Hair Thinning

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Here are some myths related to hair thinning in the female.

Myth: Hair thinning issue is permanent

Fact: The problem can occur due to various factors such as stress, excessive styling, unhealthy diet, or health issue. It is important to understand that not all types of hair loss are permanent. For this, you need to get your problem diagnosed so that the exact problem is known. You should not worry about treatment for female hair loss is available.

Myth: Washing hair in excess can make hair thin

Fact: Many people think that washing hair daily can make the hair thin. Also, make sure you choose the right type of product which does not harm the hair. This helps in maintaining the hair properly and in a better way.

Myth: Women with delicate hair face the issue more

Fact: The problem is not related to the texture of hair. Different factors like genetics, hormonal imbalance, anemia, PCOS, and stress trigger the issue of thin hair. This means it is essential to find the underlying cause which is making the hair thin.

Myth: Hair get thin because of taking the birth pills

Fact: This thing is somewhere true as in some cases birth pills cause the issue of thin hair which might lead to hair loss. But this is not true all the time and this condition can be reversed easily in some cases. Additionally, the degree of problem will vary according to your situation and health. So, you should consult the doctor to know the exact reason so that the doctor can tell you the best treatment option. In most cases, the best option is female hair transplant as it solves the problem effectively.

Myth: Getting a haircut is stops the hair thinning

Fact: This is not true that getting frequent hair cut will solve the issue. No doubt, you have to get the hair cut once in a while as it will remove the split ends. This way the hair will become more manageable. But it will not solve the problem of thin hair.

Myth: Diet will not help in this situation

Fact: Eating a balanced diet which contains all the essential nutrients and vitamins is very essential for the growth of hair. In addition to this, it makes the hair healthy and shiny. This means that eating the right kind of food not only helps your body but it also helps to make the hair strong.

Myth: Supplements make the hair grow

Fact: However there is no harm if you are taking supplements. But, there is no evidence that it can make the hair grow. It would be better if you consult the doctor for the same that what changes you should make to make the hair strong.

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