How To Know Your Hair Transplant Surgery Done Is Perfect?

How To Know Your Hair Transplant Surgery Done Is Perfect?

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Deciding to get a hair transplant is not easy, there are different factors and doubts come to your mind. The main thing which everyone is worried about is whether the surgery is done perfectly or not. Additionally, there are different perspective which will determine the success and what they can do to see the most effective results. Even a small detail can make a lot of difference. There are a few things that help you to know whether the surgery is performed properly.

  • Healthy grafts

During the hair transplant surgery, grafts are required which are placed on the scalp. It might seem efficient to place so many grafts at one place but this is not the case. This practice can actually make the blood supply in excess which will compromise the health of the grafts, the hair follicles growth will also be affected at the transplanted site. So, it is important that hair grafts should be placed in proper order. The small grafts will be placed in the front and temple and the larger grafts will be placed to fill the crown area. Otherwise, increasing the number of grafts can damage the hairs and they might not be grown where they have been placed.

  • Doctors expertise

The success of the hair transplant also depends on doctor expertise. The surgeon experience also matters a lot, it is because he has dealt with various situations and every patient case is different. If he has performed different surgeries and successfully it will make a lot of difference. He knows every small detail and also guides you properly what should be done and what will be important for successful recovery.

  • Minimal Scarring

The success of surgery also depends on the scarring. After the surgery, if you notice too much scar on the scalp and they are noticeable then it means the process is not done effectively. This also depends on which type of method is used to transplant the hair which is FUE or FUT. Additionally, this depends on the surgeon experience and the way he performs the surgery. It is very important that the scarring should be very minimal and very faint.

  • Placement of hair

Earlier the hairs were placed with the method of hair plugs (size of eraser), which were placed directly into the scalp. Due to this, the patients always complain that the hairs don’t look natural and it does not match the natural hairline. However, with a hair transplant, this problem is solved. The hairs should be placed according to the growth of natural hairs. So, this point is also essential for the success of hair growth.

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