Ideal Age to Get Hair Transplant Surgery?

Ideal Age to Get Hair Transplant Surgery?

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Many patients in the age group of 18 – 23 years visit hair specialists for getting a hair transplant done. The doctors do not agree for people as young as 18 or 23 years old’s to get hair transplant surgery done. Doctors say that since we cannot predict about the future, how can doctors predict whether a person who is 20 years of age will have hair loss when he turns 50 years old? Nothing can decide for the person to have a hair transplant in the future or not.

Human beings do not have many hairs

If human beings had many hairs, then the problem of hair loss would not be. Human beings have 0- 7000 follicles of units which move from the back of the scalp and then to the front. Doctors can predict the number of hairs a patient has, but until the patient reaches 35 years of age. If a 20-year-old patient asks doctors about the amount of hair he has, then the doctor will only have to take a guess. If a person who is 20 years of age, gets a hair transplant done and if the person is not the right candidate for the transplant then the patient’s hair will eventually start thinning out.

How much hair loss is normal?

If a person is very bald, they need about 25,000 follicle units to cover the balding area. But, since the follicle units are 7,000 for many men, one has to select where to keep the hair. Most men ask to put it in the frontal area.

Some pointers to keep in mind

20-year-old gets should opt for using non- surgical treatments like Minoxidil, Finasteride, laser therapy or PRP. Surgery can take place after a few years, but this time should be focused on trying to decide on how to keep the existing hair healthy in a more safe way rather than going for a hair transplant. But, once the person reaches 35 years of age than getting a hair transplant done is not an issue.

In brief, the article focuses on

  • Going for a hair transplant at 20 years of age may allow one to have a good frontal hair density, but it will carry a risk of having an unnatural and strange look when the person turns older.
  • If an individual wants good hair throughout his life- then he has to wait till he reaches 35 or 40 years of age and then goes for a transplant.

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