Hair Washing Tips after Hair transplant – Hear from Doctors of Focus Hair Transplant

Hair Washing Tips after Hair transplant – Hear from Doctors of Focus Hair Transplant

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At focus hair transplant, we guide our patients throughout the procedure from beginning to end. We hold ourselves responsible for the proper accomplishment of the procedure. We have decided to publish a series of blog posts concerning the questions which the patients underwent hair transplant in Punjab, have in their mind.

Note: Hair transplant cost does not only include money, rather it also costs you patience and slight restrictions on your daily activities.

Today’s Topic – ‘hair Washing After Hair Transplant’

  • Do not immediately go for Hair-Wash

It is usually suggested to wait for at least 48 hours after undergoing the hair transplant procedure, to wash the hair. Since the recovery period accounts for about 50% of the total success of the procedure, it is critical to take each step very carefully. You are advised not to do anything contrary to the advice of the doctor as you will have to face miserable consequences if you do not follow.

  • Be gentle

If the doctor suggests, then you can begin washing your hair on the 3rd day. But you are advised to be extremely gentle with your hair when you are washing them. The hair wash should be such that it doesn’t hurt the newly implanted follicles. If you scrub your scalp too much, then there are giant chances for your hair follicles to get dislodged.

  • Do not expose your head under shower pressure

You are advised not to make use of the sower for the hair wash. The intensity with which the shower dispenses the water has the potential to deteriorate the hair follicles. So it is advised that you should use a bucket and a mug to wash your hair. Do not use cold or hot water. Go for the normal water.

  • Do not squeeze the shampoo directly on the scalp

It is advised that you should not squeeze the shampoo directly on your scalp. You should first put it in your hands, then gently spread it on the scalp.

Please do not react!

  • Itchiness is a common phenomena

Immediately after the hair transplant, it is quite natural for the scalp to show the sign of itching. But you should not do that. If you do, then your scalp will get impacted most negatively.

  • Scab formation

Scab formation is natural to happen after the hair transplant. If these do not go on their own within a period of 7 days, then after the 7th day, you should apply the conditioner to the scabs and gently massage them in circular motions to get them to fall off on their own.

Final Comments!

Hoping that any of the above-mentioned tips have worked for you in the best possible way. If you have any queries and questions regarding these, then please let us know via email. We shall help try to publish our next blog which will be aiming at resolving the queries and questions.

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