Are Hair Regrowth Serums Helpful?

Are Hair Regrowth Serums Helpful?

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Hair loss is common among a majority of men and women. It calls for a solution to the common problem. One finds that the market is full of products that claim to revive your hair growth. You will come across many oils, shampoos, cosmetics, and serums that claim to arrest your hair loss and grant new life to your dwindling hair. Many serums assure you of a thicker, fuller hair growth to the patients affected by male or female pattern baldness. Many people may consider serums for their hair loss treatment.

Are Serums effective?

The bitter truth is that hair serums are not effective in enhancing your hair growth. They can’t revive the lost hair or enhance the hair growth process as they claim to. The truth is that the rate of hair growth is genetically predetermined. Though the rate of growth varies from one individual to another, the average growth rate is around half an inch per month. Hair serum is unable to promote hair growth, whatever its composition. The problem of hair loss is caused due to stress or hormonal imbalance. None of these factors can be changed by the application of a serum .Hair follicles may get damaged due to certain reasons and are difficult to revive once they get damaged. So a serum will fail to activate the hair follicles, as the damaged follicles are impossible to revive.

What good Are Hair Growth Serums, Then?

Although they might not revive the hair follicles, they are not entirely useless. They help in optimizing scalp conditions which lead to an improvement in the quality of the hair being produced from the active follicles. It will also help in keeping the scalp well moisturized, leading to the growth of thicker, shinier hair. This might lead to the visual effect of improved hairline and fuller hair.

Which Treatment is Effective?

In case the hair loss is significant, the person should opt for medical treatments provided by the array of modern techniques. One can choose from PRP therapy, follicular unit extraction, low-level laser therapy and follicular unit transplantation which provide effective results in treating hair loss. They not only reverse hair loss but also treat thin hair. The patient can get themselves treated according to their conditions. What we mean is that hair loss treatment can be customized for them.

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