Hair Growth Expectations after Hair Transplant

Hair Growth Expectations after Hair Transplant

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Hair transplantation is the best way to get rid of hair fall. This treatment option has two types such as FUT and FUE, both these methods offer you the best results. But you need to wait for six to 12 months. In order to understand the hair growth after hair transplant you must read this article at the end.

Hair transplant is the best way to treat baldness and excessive hair fall in both sexes. In addition to this, hair transplant surgery offers you the mind-blowing results such as permanent along with natural hair growth. First of all, you need to get the proper check-up of your hair condition. Only after you must go through hair loss treatment according to your hair fall condition.

Millions of people go through this treatment these days because of its awesome results. You have to wait for almost 6 months to one year to get proper hair growth. You need to understand how does hair transplantation works.

Well, there are three phases of hair growth cycle such as-:

  • Anagen phase
  • Catagen phase
  • Telogen Phase

After hair transplantation, your hair starts falling, which is known as the first telogen phase. This phase lasts up to 3 months and after that Anagen phase starts, which is a growing phase. So, you do not take tension about hair growth, your hair will start growing after 3 months.

Now let’s have a look at the hair growth phase after hair transplantation.

Day 0-: This is a day of your treatment.

Days one to five-: Well, you may not know that the first week is too crucial for you after getting hair transplantation. You may experience pain and discomfort after getting treatment, so in this condition, you must go with only prescribed medications. These will surely help you to get rid of swelling, discomfort, and pain as well. Make sure you do not go with another medication to get rid of pain and discomfort as well.

Days six to fifteen-: It is normal that you are experiencing redness and swelling still in 2nd week. However, you will surely start noticing that the skin of the scalp looks dry.

Weeks two to three-: You will start noticing some small spikes on your scalp, that are only the transplanted hairs, these are not new hair.

Month two-: As we stated above, your hair falls after hair transplantation. Only after that, you will start noticing hair proper hair growth. So you do not take tension about hair fall, because this is the phase of hair growth after hair transplantation.

Month 3rd to six-: After the 3rd month of hair transplantation, your hair will start growing. And in the next 3 months you’ll start noticing hair on your scalp. However, you need to wait for one month if you want to get proper hair growth.

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