Hair care rituals that lead to hair loss

Hair care rituals that lead to hair loss

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For men and women hair is the best way to improve the overall personality. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed to have strong and healthy hair. Moreover, few hair care rituals can lead to hair loss and make them look dull. Read, the given guide to learn the hair rituals which lead to hair damage.

Given below are some of the hair care rituals which can potentially damage the hair and lead to hair loss:

  • Bleaching the hair

Blonde hair is perfect, but if you bleach the hair regularly it can result in serious damage. Bleach contains chemicals that can take away the natural color pigment from the hair. If you do this often, there are high chances your hair will get damaged and it becomes weak. Additionally, if you do blow-dry and strengthen the hair it can lead to hair fall and split ends. 

Individuals who are facing the problem in excess should not wait to get the hair loss treatment. One of the best ways to deal with severe hair loss is by undergoing the hair transplant which gives permanent and natural-looking hair growth. 

  • Heating tools

The use of styling tools like hairdryers and straighteners can damage the hair and it can break off easily. Moreover, if you use it in excess then it can lead to baldness.  

The heat will break the cuticle and make the hair damaged & frizzy. By using the heat in excess, will break them off completely. So, it is best to limit the use of heat appliances only when needed. Also, make sure to use the heat protectant to limit the hair damage. 

  • Perms

Getting the hair straightener and curled with chemicals can lead to hair damage over time and they break the inner bond of the hair. With excessive use, the hair will get damaged over time. The more perms mean you will have brittle and dry hair. 

  • Brushing excessively

People think brushing the hair regularly will keep them smooth and shiny but excessive brushing leads to split ends and breakage. 

It’s better to put the hair in a ponytail or a bun to keep them off from shoulders and face. This way, the hair will be neat and prevent it from getting tangled and you don’t have to brush them too often. 

  • Hair Extensions

Hair extensions might seem a perfect choice but they can damage the hair. They are applied to the roots due to which they can break easily. 

While wearing extensions you can feel pain or uncomfortable as they put too much pressure on the scalp. The extensions can lead to serious hair loss issues known as alopecia. So, minimize its use and try to grow the hair naturally. 

For more information about hair loss or hair damage, you should get in touch with our doctor.

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