Does FUE hair Transplant Covers My Whole head

Does FUE hair Transplant Covers My Whole head

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Everyone face hair loss once in lifetime due to many factors. But sometimes it can cure itself and some people need medical treatment in order to treat their hair loss. While you deciding to get hair loss treatment, you must understand the working of all the transplant methods. Because hair transplant has 2 methods such as FUE and FUT, no doubt both are effective. But millions of people lean toward FUE hair transplant because this is a totally new and modern method.

Let’s understand today what is the FUE transplant method and how it works.

What is an FUE hair transplant?

An FUE transplant method is additionally known as Follicular unit extraction method. This method is a well-known method of hair transplant surgery which is actually take by bald people. Moreover, this method results in natural looking and permanent hair growth. You do not need any type of other hair loss treatment.

How does an FUE hair transplant work?

FUE transplant method is usually performed in the clinical facility with careful consideration. In this method, your surgeon firstly examines your hair loss condition, the reason behind hair fall, and your health condition. After then, he prepares your donor area such as the back of the head if you have enough growth in that area, otherwise, he collects the hair from other body parts. Then, he collects hair from the donor area and grafts them in order to transplant them on your scalp or affected area.

Moreover, after collecting the hair from the donor area he grafts them and transplants it to the affected scalp. This all the procedure is done with careful consideration. Additionally, this method does not use any type of strip which results in scarring. So, this is the scarring free hair loss treatment.

Is it true that FUE gives me full coverage?

Yes, the FUE transplant method provides you full coverage but you have to follow all the instructions which are given by your surgeon. If you getting hair transplantation procedure then must keep some important things in your mind. For example, the results of the transplantation process are different for every patient because the result depends on some factors, your hair loss reason, age, and skills of your surgeon.

No doubt, this procedure will give you the best results but you should clear your all the doubts prior to the surgery. You must check before and after photos of other patients in order to clear your doubts related to FUE  transplant method.

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