Frequent Concerns towards Hair Transplant

Frequent Concerns towards Hair Transplant

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We all are familiar with the fact that hair transplant involves the relocation of the hair follicles resistant to hair fall from the back of the head (donor area)to the balding areas on top of the head(recipient area). This process offers permanent results as the hair follicles on the donor area (usually the back of the head) are resistant to baldness. Transferring them to any other location will not diminish their balding resistance.

Are the results natural?

If the hair transplant surgery is performed the right way, the final result can look wonderfully natural. However, one should note that the expertise level and techniques adopted by surgeons may vary. Therefore the selection of the best hair transplant clinic must be kept in mind.

How much time does the procedure take?

A session requiring 1500 to 3000 grafts may take the whole day. You will also have to meet the surgeon for follow up meets after the hair transplant surgery

Is the Procedure Painful?

Usually, patients do not feel pain or discomfort during the procedure as they are given local anesthesia in the donor as well as recipient regions. However, some people might experience soreness or numbness.

How many grafts are required?

The numbers of grafts will vary according to individual needs. It is determined by the extent of your hair loss and the on-going rate of your hair loss. It will also depend on the fullness you want to achieve.

How long will it take to recover?

With the advent of modern technology, it has become possible to perform micro hair transplantation procedures. These procedures require extremely small incisions and are therefore less invasive. It is synonymous with rapid healing and minimal discomfort. Apart from minor numbness and soreness for a few days, the patients might feel fine after 2 days of the surgery. 

When will my transplanted hair start growing?

The wait might seem endless to the balding person. However, after about 5 months of surgery, the transplanted follicles will grow new hair. The growth will be thin in the initial period, but after some time you will see a fuller head. It will take one year for the full maturity of the transplanted area. The transplanted hair will continue to grow for a lifetime.

We would like to reiterate that the outcome of the surgery will depend highly on the skills of the surgeon and the facilities provided by the clinic.

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