Focus Hair Transplant Answers – ‘How long will it take for the hair transplant to show the results?’

Focus Hair Transplant Answers – ‘How long will it take for the hair transplant to show the results?’

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Focus Hair Transplant presents the much-requested blog:

Owing to the stressful lifestyle, various environmental and biological factors lead you to suffer from hair loss or even worse, baldness like issues. After trying all the home remedies, we opt for specialised medical help when nothing works.

The first approach of the doctors to treat this thing is always either the use of the prescribed medications or the minimally invasive techniques. When nothing out of this proves to be fruitful, the hair transplant in Ludhiana is thought of as the last resort.

Please Be Informed!

The patients are informed here that the hair transplant cost does not only include the money. Rather it includes the painstaking efforts of the doctors, your struggle to endure the restrictions on the things which you usually liked to do and the postoperative discomfort.

One customary question we are regularly asked:

Will the results of hair transplants stay forever?

Since we have to spend a huge amount to pay for the cost of the hair transplant, we can surely expect the results to last longer. The patient often thinks that if the results from the procedure are not going to last, then there is no point in investing a huge amount from the procedure.

And the answer is:

Yes, the results of the hair transplantation do stay for a long time. Since it is a stimulating procedure that triggers the scalp for the regrowth of the hair. So this procedure can not at all cope with the hair loss concerned with age.

So besides, the age stimulated hair loss, the results of the procedure will last long.

How can we say that the results of the procedure will last long?

By knowing the nature of the procedure, it is easy to judge for us also, that the results of the hair transplantation are going to show for a long time.

How does the procedure support the long-lasting results?

Hair transplantation is the procedure that includes the extraction of hair grafts from the donor zone. The extracted hair follicles are then transplanted to the recipient zone with the specialised tool and technology based on the technique being used for the procedure.

The recovery period after the hair transplantation will take no more than 8 months to show the results. Since the results are to be stimulated from the core of the scalp, it is quite natural on its part to take a significant period.

What is the guarantee that my procedure will come out to be successful?

There is surely a guarantee from our side that the procedure will emerge to be a huge success if the patient will not hide anything from us regarding his medical history and the current health situation.

Also, the 50% success of the procedure is dependent on the recovery period. So half of the efforts are required to be undertaken from the patient’s end. If the patient is not keeping up with the precautions and the precautionary measures, then there are no chances for the procedure to accomplish.

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