Fact Vs Fiction: Hair Loss

Fact Vs Fiction: Hair Loss

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Hair loss is usually experienced by both men and women once a life due to several reasons. So, you need to know and understand certain myths about the causes of hair loss. In this article, you will learn everything about facts and fictions about hair loss.

There are several myths about hair loss causes, making it difficult to know and understand how to take care of natural hair well. There are several reasons for hair loss, including hormonal fluctuations, taking too much stress, medications, medical treatments, genetics, and over-use of hair styling products. If you are losing only 100 hair strands a day, then it is considered as a normal hair loss. But if you are losing more than 200 strands a day, then you are suffering from excessive hair fall.

In this condition, you have to go with a hair transplant, this is the best treatment option to get rid of hair fall. Prior to treatment, you need to know certain facts and fictions about hair loss.

Myths and facts about hair loss.

Myth: Too much washing or shampooing will lead you to hair loss.

Fact: Our hair goes through two phases such as growth and resting. It is normal to lose some hair daily because it is a process of the hair growth cycle. Maintaining a balance between hairs in a resting phase, known as telogen and a growing phase, known as anagen is important.

Myth: Wearing hats and caps trigger extreme hair loss.

Fact: You can put your favorite cap on because the hats won’t cause hair loss. Wearing a hat will actually protect your scalp as well as hair from certain conditions, such as harmful ultraviolet rays, dust, dirt particles, and other harmful weather conditions too.

Myth: Maternal genes are responsible for hair loss.

Fact: Genes from both sides of your family constitute the potential future of your hair, and since you have a mixture of both, hair loss can not be blamed on either side.

But if you are still in doubt, then you must visit the hair transplant centre to get the detailed information on hair loss causes.

Tips to keep your hair in good condition.

  • You must consume a healthy diet, which helps you to keep hair in good condition.
  • You can go with the quality shampoo, this will help you to reduce the risk of hair fall.
  • You must avoid making too many hairstyles because these lead you to excessive hair loss.
  • Vitamin D is valuable for healthy hair, so you must add vitamin D rich foods such as soy milk, orange juice, and egg yolks in your eating regimen
  • It is necessary to oil your hair properly for better nourishment.

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