Everything That You Must Know About Hair Transplant Scarring

Everything That You Must Know About Hair Transplant Scarring

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Hair transplants are the most popular processes that are being considered now a day at a very rapid rate. Everywhere it has becomes so common that everyone wants to experience it once. In simple terms, there are various causes of this, possible preventive methods would be discussed in this session. And the various ways to treat them can also be considered. 

What actually is a hair loss transplant?

In general words, a hair transplant involves the removal of the hair follicles from the donor site. It is one of the great ways to tackle with such type of problems. There are already various types of transplants for example –

FUT – It stands for “FOLLICULAR UNIT TRANSPLANTATION”. In this method the removal of a lateral strip of hair follicles by the donor site plays the important role. There are number of benefits of this method including growing back the hair faster with a good quality. 

FUE – It stands for “FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION”. In this method, there has been a removal of individual grafts by the bottom side of the hair roots. The major benefit of this method is that there is not any cuts and stitches. 

Apart from the fact that they have advantages, there are also some of the cons related to these methods. Time and cost factors are the major factors and due to which patients may suffer a lot. It takes a lot of time as well as the money for the hair transplant surgery

There are some of the side effects caused by these hair transplants such as –Post surgical edema, hair thinning, itchiness, numbness etc.

Transplant scarring – It is a full-width lateral scar on the back of the scalp caused after the surgery. These are the normal scars that are being experienced after the treatment is being done. The factors that can be counted upon some of the risks associated are age, genetics and probably the mental and physical health of a human being.

Preventive measures– Yes, it is true that it’s possible to prevent the scarring. It can be done with a gentle massage and giving topical treatment. For an instance the things that can be helpful and act as a solution are mineral oil, vitamin k products, aloe Vera gel, and apple cider vinegar, pure onion extracted juice which is anti-fungal and kills all the bacterial, micro needling.    

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