Everything about male breast reduction that you must know

Everything about male breast reduction that you must know

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Male breasts can often be a source of embarrassment for men. However, there are solutions to this problem. You can regain a natural-looking and masculine chest with male breast reduction. Medical technology has advanced so much that gynecomastia surgery can reverse the embarrassing traits of gynecomastia.


It is a condition in which the male develops female-like breasts. It is characterized by the enlargement of the chest, making it look like female breasts.

The condition can happen at any stage. Adult men develop gynecomastia due to some medications, imbalance in the hormonal level, heredity, use of recreational drugs or general health conditions.

Male breast reduction

Gynecomastia surgery or male breast reduction is a surgical procedure that provides a solution to this problem. It helps in treating the condition by removing glandular tissue as well as fat from the chest area. Once the fat is removed, the chest looks firmer and more masculine.

The surgery starts with the administration of general anesthesia or local anesthesia through IV sedation. Excision is carried out with the help of a scalpel for removing excess glandular tissue. Following this, Liposuction is performed with a cannula through which medical suction is carried out. Usually, both the techniques are required to remove the faulty tissue. 

Why male breast reduction?

Most patients feel their confidence and self-esteem coming back when they undergo the surgery. Many claim that they feel confident enough to go shirtless or wear tight-fitting t-shirts after going through male breast reduction. Of course, it plays a vital role in restoring the lost confidence in the men.

If you are suffering in silence because of your gynecomastia, you need to opt for the surgery. You will not only recover your masculine chest but also feel the surge in your confidence and self-esteem.

All that matters is finding the right plastic surgeon 

The male breast reduction surgery is a very personal procedure, therefore it’s best to find a surgeon with whom you are personally comfortable. Check out the track record and the experience of the surgeon. You can also demand to see the before and after photos of the patient who has the surgery done before. It is always better to opt for a board-certified surgeon. Fix an appointment and find out how the surgeon handles your queries. The best ones will convince you with their answers and go that extra mile to make you comfortable.

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