Causes of Hair loss at Teenage

Causes of Hair loss at Teenage

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Losing hair at an early age can be a very difficult situation to deal with. In this guide, we will discuss the main causes that why teenage experience hair fall and thin hair issue.

Hair loss issue is increasing a lot and becoming more common. No doubt, male and female at a young age are experiencing this problem. But, you will be surprised to know that teens are also dealing with hair fall. Here we will discuss the main reasons why the problem starts.

  • Unhealthy diet

We all know how important it is to follow a diet as it not only helps to make the body strong but also helps to fight the problem. It is essential that you add nutrients and vitamins in your diet as it helps the hair to grow properly. Eating the right kind of food will make the hair strong and shiny also.

  • Over-styling hair

Mostly teens are interested in styling their hair. Regular use of hair products harms the hair follicles. The heat from these products damage the hair and they start looking dull as well as frizzy. This is why it is recommended that you should use these products too often.

  • Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is a type of baldness which results in forming bald patched on the scalp. Moreover, this type of problem can affect the hair of any body part. Usually, it affects hair in one specific area. This problem is also common in teenagers. The body parts which can be affected area arms, legs, side of the scalp or top of the scalp.

  • Male Pattern Baldness

In case, if someone had this problem when they were teenagers then you might end up getting this problem. Many males suffer from this problem and they notice the crown getting thin. If the problem is getting in excess then you should consult the doctor for treatment. In most cases, the problem gets solved by getting a hair transplant.

  • Female Pattern Baldness

It is also true that a teenage girl also experiences this problem. The issue typically starts when the teenage girls are in their early 20’s. When the problem starts the girls notice the middle partition becomes thin. The problem can be solved by taking care of your health, do not take stress, and eating a nutritious diet.

  • Prescription Medication

There are some medications which are useful in treating the issue of thyroid and acne can result in affecting the hair. It is essential that you first consult with the doctor regarding the medications and their potential side effects.

  • Traction Alopecia

Tying the hair too tightly for a long time can also result in affecting the hair.

Make sure you consult the doctor at the right time. Getting hair transplant surgery will help you to restore the hair in an effective and efficient manner.

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