Body Changes during Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery

Body Changes during Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery

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We have listed out some important instructions for you to follow after gynecomastia surgery unless and until you follow the instructions mentioned you will not heal fast. Hence it is advised that you follow step by step process, as mentioned.

If you have already done surgery, even then it will be helpful to you.

What Can Happen Post Gynecomastia Surgery?

Many things occur post gynecomastia surgery. These are some of them:

  • Stomach queasiness– Many patients experience nausea or stomach queasiness. If this occurs, the doctor will ask you to take a medicine for relieving the stomach queasiness.
  • No activity– You are advised to take some time off not just from your office work but housework as well. You need to take rest for recovering quickly.
  • Water intake– You should make it a point to drink many fluids while recovering.
  • Sleep – it is very important that you rest and sleep on your back for the next one-week post surgery. You can do this till you feel better and comfortable.
  • Shower-It is best to avoid taking shower for the next two days post surgery. Since your chest area will be covered with bandages, you surely would not want them to get wet in any way.

What Will The Recovery Process Be Like?

  • No energy– You will see your energy levels draining for at least 60 days. Try maintaining a nourishing diet and also have lots of water.
  • Chest swelled – It will be very common for the chest to be swelled up and softer. It will take time to heal but it will surely heal, so nothing to worry.
  • Scar – Post some time many patients begin to feel lumpiness near the chest area. This means that scars have been formed.
  • Emotionally wrecked down – It is very common for persons going through surgery to be emotionally weak. This can either happen just after surgery or also after many days post surgery. This is nothing to get all the more stressed out about; this is very common and will go away, in its own time.
  • Itching – the healing also brings about with it, some itching, especially the cuts made itch quite a lot. This itching will go away, but avoid scratching or itching the place; else fear of more infection catching will be there.
  • Nipple allergy– your nipples might become sensitive to any touch or anything for at least 5 months to come. When the healing process will start there will be sudden pain. This will be a signal that your body is finally healing.

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